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Asclepias speciosa - Showy Milkweed


This spectacular milkweed might be the showiest plant in your summer garden. Huge clusters of fragrant pink and white star flowers grow above silver foliage on 4' stems . Each cluster is 4" to 5" across and is and irresistible to Monarch butterflies who lay their eggs on the stems and leaves. This is THE native host for our western Monarch butterfly.

Showy Milkweed looks very fancy, but it's tough and vigorous. It thrives in poor, well-drained soil with almost no water, is perfect for areas beyond the reach of your hose and actually does better without regular water. It's perennial in all zones 3-9 and does very nicely in a large pot.

Sow the seeds on the surface of moist well drained soil and keep them warm. Germination is slow, but they always come through. Plant and ignore. Every year, the flowers will reseed themselves. Just sit back and enjoy the butterflies.

25 seeds

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