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Baby Lettuce Mix - 15 Tender Varieties


Leaf lettuce is a cool weather plant, perfect for growing in spring or fall when the days are short. Scatter the seeds anywhere, a planter outside your back door, an empty patch in the garden, anywhere the soil is fluffy and moist. You can even plant a lettuce lawn.

This is a mix of a dozen tasty, colorful varieties meant to be harvested when young. In a few weeks, you can step outside and snip enough baby leaves to make a salad.

Many varieties can be sown all year round but lettuces are cool weather plants and don’t grow well in the heat of summer. If you choose to grow them in summer make sure they have some shade from the hot afternoon sun.

You could grow them on the southern side of a bush or place some shade-cloth over them.

Lettuce seeds can be sown directly where you want them to grow, but the problem with this is that it leaves the emerging seedlings vulnerable to the hoards of pests that just love to eat them. It is far better to sow the seeds onto fine soil in a seedling tray or a pot, then just cover them lightly with fine potting soil. They must be sown very shallowly or they won’t come up as they need light to germinate.

Use good potting soil from your garden supplier in your tray or pot, not soil out of your back yard, and water them gently after sowing. Keep them moist but not wet and they will emerge in about seven days.

Most people like to sow a few seeds every couple of weeks so there is always some ready-to-pick lettuces in the garden. This protects you from the problem of having a lot ready at once, then nothing!

When plants are about 4"-5" tall, harvest begins. Snip off the outermost leaves and leave the growing center intact. The plants will keep producing new ones.

This mild colorful mix contains:


Ruby Red Leaf

Lollo Rosso

Amish Deer Tongue

Green Oakleaf

Royal Oakleaf

Red Salad Bowl


Grand Rapids




2000 seeds

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