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Bauhinia galpinii, 5 rare seeds, showy South African vine, coral red blossoms, arching form, drought tolerant, zones 8 to 11. Gorgeous.

Bauhinia galpinii is a landscaper's dream. This spectacular shrubby vine has arching branches that are covered with coral red flowers most of the year. The heart-shaped blue-green foliage is gorgeous on its own, and this beauty is easy to grow. Give it something to climb on, trim it into a hedge or let it spill over a wall. It's always lovely.

This South-African native blooms generously through spring and summer and has flowers on it most of the year. Hardy in zones 8-11, it prefers full sun, is drought-tolerant, and is almost maintenance-free.

Hummingbirds and butterflies love the red-orange blossoms, gardeners love this hassle-free plant, and its draping form enhances most any garden.

Nick and soak the hard seeds, then plant in moist soil with good drainage and keep warm.

5 seeds

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