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Chorisia speciosa - Silk Floss Tree

Silk Floss Tree is one of the showiest trees on the planet. Bright pink blooms as big as your hand appear in late summer, then carpet the ground beneath.

This is an easy tree to grow. Native to Brazil, it sucks up full sun, needs very little water, grows 30' tall if given the room. Its goofy truck is covered with fat thorns, more curious than threatening. They store water when the tree is young, then disappear as it matures.

After blooming, seed bombs the size of papayas dangle over your head. They explode to release clouds of white fluff (kapok) that once was used to stuff sleeping bags. Each puff conceals a fat black seed.

Silk Floss Tree will stay small if planted in a container and can be trimmed into a fabulous bonsai. Outdoors, it is happy in zones 9-11, needs full sun, occasional water. Plant it where it has room to stretch out, away from sidewalks and foundations. It will fill a small park with its explosion of pink blossoms and shiny leaves.

10 seeds

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