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Creeping Phlox Midnight - Zaluzianskya capensis

Creeping Phlox is a fragrant groundcover that's easy to grow in any climate. During the day it's a dense green carpet. As the sun goes down, tiny buds unfurl into snowflake pinwheels. The fragrance is delicious, and it lingers, perfuming the entire garden. Plant it beneath a bedroom window, or in a patio where you sit to stare at the stars.

Another cool plant from South Africa, Night Phlox is perennial in warm zones 9 -10. Elsewhere, it makes plenty of seeds, grows quickly, and makes a fine annual. Happy in sun or shade, it does appreciate even moisture and grows especially well in a container. A single plant with spread to 12" and flower over a long period.

Plants perform best in full sun but will tolerate some shade. Sow seeds directly in the garden after danger of frost.  Surface sow, barely cover and keep warm and moist.

about 25 tiny seeds.

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