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Datil Pepper - Heirloom Chile


Datil Pepper is one of the hottest chiles known to man. It's been grown almost exclusively St. Augustine, Florida since 1777, when the city was first settled by Spaniards. Seeds have been passed down from father to son for more than 200 years but are nearly impossible to find for sale.

Datil Pepper is vivid yellow and has a distinctive fruity flavor as well as blistering heat. It's used to make sauces, pickles, mustards, and dips. This shiny yellow fruit is an institution in St. Augustine, where there's a Datil Pepper Festival every year.

Seeds are almost impossible to find outside the region, but locals will tell you it's well worth growing. It can even be grown indoors. These seeds came directly from a gardener in St. Augustine and are guaranteed to produce the original Datil Pepper.

10 seeds

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