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Dombeya burgessiae- Pink Wild Pear


Pink Dombeya is a shrubby tree that blooms fat clusters of soft pink bells, each with snow white stamens and a deep pink starburst at the center. It comes from the grassy hills of Madagascar where it blooms in late summer. The clusters are big as hydrangeas. They gradually fade to a soft brown and hold for months, perfect for dry flower arrangements.

Dombeya thrives in temperate climates, zones 8-10, where frosts are brief and infrequent. It's tough, adaptable, quite drought-tolerant. About 10' high and wide, its compact size make it a great container plant, perfect for northern gardeners.

Pink Dombeya is almost impossible to find in cultivation, but it grows easily from seed and is a breeze to maintain. Surface sow the seeds, keep them warm and moist, and they should pop up in a few weeks.

5 seeds.

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