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Dragon Fruit - Hylocereus triangularis


Dragon Fruit come from a spineless cactus that grows in trees, leaning against the trunk, draping itself over limbs. In the tropics, Hylocereus forms fat, shocking pink fruit that are spiky looking and quite delicious.

This handsome, easy-care plant is worth growing for its interesting form alone, and is absolutely astonishing when it blooms.It will thrive in a hanging basket in bright, indirect light, or in a warm climate, you can let it climb a tree. The segmented pads double and triple, and chunks root easily.

Night-blooming Cereus is legendary for its huge white blossoms that unfurl at night. A local artist gives parties when her plant is ready to bloom. Painters and photographers come just to witness the fragrant 10" flowers open and perfume the night air.  Zones 9-10.


For Germination:

They need heat, light, and a well draining soil, you can use a cactus mix. Fill a pot with your soil, and water, allow to drain. Place your seeds on the surface of the soil, and sprinkle a light layer of soil over seeds. Use a spray bottle to keep soil moist, but never soaking wet. A spray bottle is ideal also because a hard stream of water can dislodge seeds and bury them too deeply to germinate. Cover your pot with plastic wrap and place in a warm, sunny location. Once you have seedlings, remove plastic wrap.

15 seeds

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