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Echium wildpretii - Tower of Jewels


This pink giant looks like something out of Dr. Seuss. Giant pointy clusters of glistening pink flowers grow 8' tall. It's the most sought-after of all echium species and one of the most dramatic flowers anywhere. (The Royal Horticultural Society awarded it the 2002 Award of Garden Merit. Seriously.)

Tower of Jewels comes from the high volcanic slopes of the Canary Islands. It needs full sun, fast draining soil and no water. None. And it's deer proof.

The first year appears a gray fuzzball that's interesting on its own. The second spring, it sends up a giant spike of shiny pink blossoms that are dotted with electric blue. Hummers and bees love them and humans stop and stare. This is a real traffic stopper.

Let the flowers to go to seed and they'll plant themselves everywhere. Keep the ones you want and pull up the others. They don't transplant well.

Plant these seeds right where you want them in gritty soil and full sun.

10 seeds

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