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Epilobium augustifolium - Fireweed


A field of Fireweed in bloom is breathtaking. It grows in every zone from Texas to Alaska, reseeds generously and blooms enthusiastically every spring. Called Fireweed because it's one of the first plants to appear after a wildfire, this American native is both glorious and self-sufficient.

Plant it on that impossible hillside, anywhere you want a field of vivid color without fuss. It reseeds generously and will turn a vacant lot into a blaze of glory every summer. Perennial in zones 2-9, Fireweed needs full sun, lean soil, natural rainfall. Seeds should be planted within a few months of harvest. Surface sow these in autumn and let winter do its magic. (Mix them with sand so you can broadcast them evenly.)

This bulk pack is enough to cover a hillside.

*****60 days of cold stratification required!*****

200+ tiny seeds

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