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Geum trifolium - Prairie Smoke


Prairie Smoke is an unusual wildflower from the Great Plains of the U.S. In spring, it blooms feathery pink blossoms about a foot tall. In autumn, they become fuzzy seed heads that resemble cotton candy. A sweep of them does looks like smoke.

Geum thrives in seriously cold climates, zones 3-8, is perennial where winters are mild. It thrives in full sun, poor soil, is drought-tolerant. It blooms from April through June and the blossoms last for weeks. Come autumn, when most perennials are dying back for the winter, the ferny clump of green fattens up and crazy seed pods appear. They look like troll dolls with pink hair.

Scatter the seeds if fall where you want the plants to appear. They are delightful in meadows, in a rock garden, are good companion plants for spring bulbs. Interesting year round.

*****60 days of cold stratification required!*****

Direct sow in fall and allow seeds to naturally cold stratify. If starting indoors, surface sow and barely cover seeds with soil. Place in a zipper bag or cover with plastic wrap and a rubber band and cold stratify in the fridge for 60 days. Keep soil moist, never soaking wet. At the end of the cold stratification, keep pots covered and place in a warm, sunny location. Remove plastic wrap/zipper bag when you have seedlings.

20 seeds

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