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Gilia capitata - Blue Thimble Flower


Gilia is a bright blue wildflower that's charming, easy to grow and will thrive anywhere there's summer sun. From April through August you'll enjoy a sweep of cornflower blue balls bouncing on 10" stems, charming in a cottage garden or spread across a grassy field.

This California native is happy anywhere there's sunshine - forest, prairie, coast. It needs no extra water, no attention, and reseeds itself generously. One of the best flowers for attracting bees and butterflies, Gilia even makes a good cut flower. It should be planted everywhere.


Surface sow in late fall, barely cover. Use "mist" setting only to keep soil moist, higher water pressure can bury seeds too deeply to germinate. If starting indoors, surface sow, barely cover, cover pot with plastic wrap and rubber band, and cold stratify in the fridge for 30 days.

250 seeds

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