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Hot Chili Pepper Collection - Exotic Varieties


Satisfy your passion for blazing hot chilis (or make a friend very happy) with this collection of 5 exotic killer varieties, each packed separately, ready for spring planting.

Hot Paper Lantern - Large fire engine red pepper - 10 seeds
Caribbean Red - fierce hot heirloom found in the Caribbean - 10 seeds
Purple Jalapeno - Ornamental, hotter than green jalapeno - 10 seeds
Fish Pepper - rare heirloom grown by crab fisherman - 10 seeds
Fatalii - Fiery hot, yellow skin, related to the habanero- 10 seeds

Warning: Cumulative Scoville Units would fuel a nuclear power plant. Each pack contains 10 fresh seeds, a $15 value if bought separately. This will round out your collection nicely, or make a loved one very happy.

50 seeds

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