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Ipomoea triloba, Hoshiasagao/Littlebell

The world's tiniest morning glory comes from Japan. Its lavender blossoms are the size of a thumbnail, they appear in clusters, and hundreds of them bloom along enthusiastic vines that climb 20' up the nearest trellis or tree.

Littlebell is happy almost anywhere, in full sun to deep shade, and has naturalized around the world. The flower color varies from pinky purple to violet, to white with a red throat depending on where it settles. In the U.S. it tends to be lilac. The multitudes of tiny blooms make lots of seeds and it comes back every year, but no one complains that it's a nuisance. Bees, butterflies and hummingbirds love it, as do most humans.

This rare Morning Glory should grace more gardens.

10 seeds

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