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Kid's Garden Collection, eight organic veggies, easy to grow, fun to eat,

Kids love to play in the dirt. Give them a few seeds (and a bit of guidance) and they'll make magic! The wonder of watching a seed sprout is unforgettable.

These heirloom seeds were specially chosen for young gardeners. They're easy to grow, quick to sprout, and fun for small hands to harvest. All are organic, tasty, and safe for kids. (Don't put beans in your ears).

Seeds are packaged individually and come with instructions. The collection is composed of tasty, easy organic vegetables. Great for a nice nibble in the garden, or a proud part of family dinner.

Tiny Tim Cherry Tomato - compact plants, easy to grow

Mouse Melon - mini cucumber, crunchy and eager to grow

Half Pint Peas - eat right from the vine

Rainbow Radish Mix - sprouts in days, colorful and fun

Baby Lettuce Mix - sprouts in a heartbeat, sweet and colorful

Queen Anne's Pocket Melon - miniature fruit, fits in your hand

This is a $24 value, perfect for kids of all ages.

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