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Kikyo-zaki - Japanese Morning Glory


This Japanese Morning Glory is dazzling. Kikyo-zaki blooms star-shaped colbalt blossoms outlined in white. In the center is a shocking pink throat. They look more like origami than flowers.

Kikyo-zaki grows on a 5' to 6' vine, perfect for a container or hanging basket, It's more restrained than its cousins, doesn't climb its neighbors or take over the fence. It reseeds just enough. Gracious, well mannered, easy to grow, and spectacular.

Japanese devotees have been breeding unusual morning glories since Samurai times. This one is showy, sturdy and easy to grow. Nick and soak the seeds, then plant them in full sun and enjoy the show.

10 seeds

 Soak seeds in warm water overnight, sow no more than 1/4 inch deep. Cover with plastic wrap and a rubber band to keep in heat and moisture. Place in a warm, sunny spot, keeping soil consistently moist, but not soaking wet.


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