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Majidea zangueberica - Black Pearl Tree


Mgambo is a little gem of a tree native to East Africa. Only 15' tall in captivity, it has a perfect shape, a rounded canopy of shiny green leaves and fat clusters of fragrant red flowers . The pods that follow split open to reveal expose velvet black seeds against a scarlet interior. They're so amazing they are often used as beads.

Black Pearl Tree is hardy in frost-free zones 9-11 and makes an extraordinary houseplant elsewhere. It grows as well in a container as in the tropics only smaller. And what a bonsai!

Mgambo is rare even in its native Zanzibar, but is drought-tolerant, easy to grow and compact enough to fit in most gardens. It grows readily from seed wrapped in a moist paper towel and kept warm.

10 seeds.

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