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Mandarin Plant, Chlorophytum

This cool houseplant was discovered in Thailand just a few years ago. It's rarely found in nurseries, but extremely easy to grow.

Mandarin Plant is cousin to common spider plant, but it has spectacular foliage - shiny green leaves with glowing orange stems. It's especially attractive from above, gorgeous from any angle, and is delightfully undemanding.

Native to the rain forests of East Africa, Mandarin Plant thrives in shade gardens in warm zones 9-10 and is perfectly happy indoors. Like spider plants, it tolerates most conditions, prefers bright indirect light and a deep watering when dry. It doesn't attract bugs or get diseases and it hates chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Just give it good potting soil, a good soak once a week, and leave it alone.

Mandarin Plant is a great shade plant for warm climates, makes a beautiful border, and is a natural for containers.

Sow seeds in a good potting mix, surface sow, barely cover, keep them warm and moist. We recommend a layer of plastic wrap and a rubber band to keep in heat and moisture. Put your pot in a warm, sunny location and be patient- seeds can take 4-6 weeks to germinate.

10 seeds.

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