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Michelia champaca Joy Perfume Tree


The world's costliest fragrance, Joy Perfume, is made from the petals of this lush tree. It's native to the tropics near the Himalayas. If you live where it's warm, you can grow it in your garden.

In the wild, Michelia grows to 15', a Christmas tree shape with shiny green leaves. The aromatic gold blossoms are present almost year-round. On a warm night, you can enjoy the citrus/honeysuckle fragrance a hundred feet away. This plant really is a joy.

Joy Perfume Tree grows happily in warm zones 10-11. It also makes a fine container plant to be moved outdoors during warm months. Make sure it has good drainage and that it does not freeze.

Soak the seeds in several changes of water to remove germination inhibitors. They need light to germinate. Plant them almost on the surface of moist, well-draining soil and keep them warm. They'll germinate in a about a month.

10 seeds.

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