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Passiflora coccinea Scarlet Passionflower


Scarlet Passionflower is native to Brazil and it looks like it's dressed for Carnival. Vivid red blooms surround fringed pink and purple centers. They're followed by orange and green striped fruit that are as tasty as the are colorful.

Passiflora coccinea is vigorous and grows quickly to 20'. It's perennial anywhere it does not freeze, zones 9b through 11, and grows quicky enough to enjoy as an annual wherever you have warm summers.

As with all Passiflora species, the seeds can be slow to sprout. Scuff up the seeds and soak them in orange juice or beer for a couple of days to break down the seed coat. Then plant in rich, moist, sterile soil and keep it 75-85F. Normal room temperature is too cool for this tropical passiflora. Germination may take a few weeks to six months.

5 seeds.

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