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Passiflora edulis flavicarpa - Lilikoi


Lilikoi is grown throughout the tropics. Its golden fruit are delicious and the fragrant blooms gorgeous. This is a different species from purple Passiflora edulis and needs cross-pollination with another plant to set fruit. Both P. edulis and P. flavicarpa are widely grown in subtropical and tropical regions for their delicious fruits, but occur naturally in different climates and bloom at different times of day, a great reason to grow both.

Purple passiflora is subtropical, prefers a frost-free climate, and does best in a milder climate. Lilikoi is more tropical, loves the heat, doesn't like frost. Both need rich soil, good drainage and regular water. You can grow both in zones 9-10. They do well indoors and make good container specimens.

Passiflora seeds can be slow to germinate. Soak them in orange juice or beer (!) for a few days to hasten germination. The luscious fruit is worth the effort.

10 fresh seeds.

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