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Passiflora incarnata - Maypop


Passiflora incarnata is the easiest and most rewarding of all passifloras. It's blooms are gorgeous and fragrant, the fruit tastes like apricot guava, the leaves make a calming tea, and butterflies love it.

Maypop is native to the Southeastern United States where it grows wild. In warm, humid climates it grows like a weed, (a pushy weed) and is considered invasive. But this exotic vine also thrives in cool zones 5 or 6 where it's most welcome.

The extravagant blooms are fragrant and frilly, 2"-3" across with a corona of purple and white filaments. Colors range from lilac to white, and they bloom all summer. They're followed by edible aromatic yellow fruit.

Maypop is a clinging vine that needs 30'-40' of support. It will cover a fence in a season, climb over trees and shrubs with curly tendrils. Coax it where you want it by providing a string to follow. In cold climates, it dies back in winter and is easily removed. It will recover in spring.

Passiflora incarnata likes full to partial sun and moist soil, does best when neglected. It's hardy in zones 5-10. Soak the seeds in black tea for a couple of days to speed germination.

10 seeds

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