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Passiflora quadrangularis - Giant Granadilla


Of the world's passionflowers, Giant Granadilla is the most spectacular. Gigantic fragrant flowers are red and purple with a crown of filaments in the center. They grow 5" to 7" across and smell wondrous.

Passiflora quadrangularis comes from tropical Central America and needs zone 10 heat to be its spectacular self. In warm areas, this robust climber grows 30' to 50' in a season and requires serious support.

In addition to the spectacular flowers, it's known for enormous golden fruits that weigh up to 9 pounds. The ripe fruit is eaten fresh or used in drinks; green fruit is eaten as a vegetable. The juice makes you serene.

This exotic perennial vine is somewhat cold-hardy, surviving temperatures to 35°F for short periods. In tropical areas it can be grown outdoors.  Elsewhere, it will thrive in a greenhouse or indoors in a sunny south-facing window.

These seeds were just collected in Ecuador and should be planted right away. Soak them in orange juice for 24 hours, the sow on the surface of a peaty compost and barely cover. They need light to germinate.

10 seeds

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