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Petrea volubilis - Queen's Wreath


Queen's Wreath is a glorious vine from Mexico that blooms long tresses of lavender blue blossoms that resemble tiny orchids. All vine collectors desire it, but it's very difficult to find. Finally, we have seeds.

Petrea is a woody-stemmed climber that twines around any available support. Perfect for mounting on a fence or trellis, it will grow to 40 feet or more. Plant it under a tree and it will climb up and make a spectacular display of flowers through the canopy. Unsupported, it becomes a self supporting, billowing, mounded shrub.

The large leaves feel like sandpaper. They're interesting enough to have the plant named for them. From late winter through summer, they're almost covered by long, arching sprays of amethyst-colored flowers. Spectacular.

Considering it's rarity, Queen's Wreath is easy to grow. It thrives in full sun or dappled shade and is hardy down to the high 20's. It prefers an acidic soil but will grow in pure limestone, and once established it tolerates extreme drought.

Seeds need light to germinate. Nick and soak, then sow on top of a peaty mix and keep warm. They can take 30 to 60 days to sprout, but this plant is worth the wait.

5 fresh seeds.

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