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Phacelia tanacetifolia Lacy Phacelia

Lacy Phacelia is a charming Western wildflower that brings bees and good bugs to your garden, improves the soil, and blooms blue far as the eye can see. Twirly violet blossoms grow close to the ground, making a lavender carpet in early spring.

Though it thrives in harsh desert conditions, it adapts to most any zone. Give it a sunny location and water from the roots occasionally. Sprinklers make the stems flop.

Plant Lacy Phacelia for its beauty, to feed the bees, or to replenish your soil. In Europe, it's grown as a winter cover crop similar to buckwheat. The bushy plants spread to 18". An ounce of seed is enough for about 100 sq. feet.

Scatter the seeds in fall or very early spring, press them in and cover with 1/8" of soil. Keep them moist for a couple of weeks. They'll reseed themselves and your patch will become a pasture over time. Zones 3 to 10.

500+ seeds

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