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Caesalpinia pink - Pride of Barbados

Pink Pride of Barbados is spectacular. It blooms gobs of vivid pink blossoms with long red stamens, very showy against ferny foliage. It looks entirely exotic, but this desert tree is drought-tolerant and undemanding.

Native to the West Indies, Caesalpinias are much used to brighten Southwest landscaping. They're happy in scorching sun or part shade, will tolerate frost or the worst drought and keep on blooming. Landscapers love them. The red and yellow versions are found almost everywhere in the Southwest.

This pink version is not so common. A small bushy tree, it grows to about 6' tall, perfect for a container, patio, or sunny window. It grows quickly and blooms early. The striking pink flowers are amazing.

Vigorous in warm zones 8 -11, Pride of Barbados loves heat, but can handle a short freeze and will sprout back from the roots. And it's absolutely drought tolerant.

Nick and soak the seeds. Plant 1/2" deep in soil with good drainage.

5 seeds.

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