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Rainbow Beet Collection - Four Heirlooms


Rediscover beets! Fresh, vibrant, beets from your own garden are sweet and delicious. They're easy to grow and they love fall weather. Plant them now and harvest baby beets before first frost! Beets love the cool conditions of late summer and fall.

This collection is a mix of four colorful favorites, Golden Detroit, Early Wonder, Chiogga Bulls Eye, and snowy Albino. It's perfect for beet lovers and for sceptics who haven't discovered the joys of beet juice, sauteed beet greens, and sweet baby beets sliced in a salad.

*Golden Detroit - radiant color, classic flavor and nutrition
*Chiogga Bulls Eye - colorful spirals, beautiful sliced on a plate
*Early Wonder - classic sweetness, deep color, great for juice
*Snowy Albino - extra sweet, all the nutrition, no danger of stains

These colorful varieties are mixed together. Sow them fairly close together and eat the babies as you thin. The colors will show as soon as roots begins to form.

Sow seeds now 1" deep in rich soil. Beets grow quickly and need plenty of moisture. Mulch with compost to keep the soil from drying out. Plant lots so you can enjoy baby beets and juice big ones. 65 days.

300 heirloom seeds, non GMO

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