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Salvia azurea - Prairie Sage


Prairie Sage is one of the most beautiful salvias, silvery foliage covered with 6" stems of sky blue blossoms. Native to the prairies of the central U.S., it's perennial in almost any climate, can stand zone 5 winters, desert summers, and is delicate enough to complement most any garden.

Salvia azurea blooms in late summer/early fall, brightening a tired garden with hundreds of half inch baby blue blossoms. It grows to 3'-4' tall in full sun, has an airy quality, or can be pinched back for a more tidy, compact plant. It needs little water and good drainage, especially where it faces severe winters. You'll enjoy the fluff of blooms even after the first light frost, quite unusual for a salvia.

Butterflies flock to the blooms, and the foliage has a musky sweet fragrance, worthy of potpourri, but repugnant to deer. This is the perfect salvia for a tidy country garden or a wild field. Gorgeous and easy.

Prairie Sage grows easily from seed with no pretreatment. Sow them just below the surface at 70F and water.

15 seeds

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