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Solandra grandiflora - Chalice Vine


Chalice Vine is an exotic jungle vine with enormous gold blooms. They smell like coconut. The 8" flowers are pale yellow with purple stripes when they open, then turn deep gold as they age. They're wonderfully fragrant, especially at night.

Solandra is native to Caribbean, Mexico and South America, and was considered sacred to both the Aztecs and Mayans. The flowers are enormous, spectacular against glossy green leaves. Plant it on a sturdy trellis near your patio where you can enjoy the fragrance in the evening. This is the perfect vine for a tropical garden. If you fancy Brugmansias, you will love this vine.

Easy to grow in zones 9-11, this enthusiastic bloomer requires plenty of space and a strong support. It will grow to 40' easily and can climb to 200' feet if permitted. Drought-tolerant.

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