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Stenocarpus sinuatus - Firewheel Tree


Firewheel Tree blossoms look imaginary, even up close, like a child's drawing. They're entirely real - three inches across, vivid red and orange, and bloom at eye level for your viewing convenience.

This flashy tree is native to Australia. Exotic as it appears, it's easy to grow, thrives in zones 9-11, even grows in a container plant indoors.

The glossy green leaves are nearly a foot long. The red and orange pinwheel flowers appear in early summer, last well into autumn, and are every bit as amazing in person as in pictures.

Seeds need to be soaked with smoke seed primer to break germination inhibitors. If you cannot locate seed primer, soak seeds in hot water for 3-4 hours. Sow seeds no more than twice their thickness and keep soil moist. Cover with a sheet of glass, or plastic wrap and a rubberband, place in a warm, sunny spot, seeds need light to germinate. Please be patient, seeds can take 2-3 months to germinate.

10 seeds.

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