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Strawberry Clover - Trifolium fragiferum

Strawberry Clover is a large-leaved, deep-rooted clover that's perennial hardy in zones 3 - 9 - almost everywhere. It spreads by above-ground stolons, (like strawberries), grows 9" to 12" tall, forms a nice dense sod, tolerates all kinds of abuse and grows anywhere. Its flowers look like fuzzy pink berries and they bloom all summer.
Trifolium has been grown throughout Europe for centuries. It makes an easy lawn, tolerates mowing, grazing, and being walked on and dog pee. It's fairly drought resistant and puts up with impossible conditions - soggy soil, salty soil, even areas that flood. Usually grown as a pasture plant, it develops into a nice green carpet quickly. Has great potential as a resilient ground cover or low maintenance lawn.
These seeds have been coated with an innoculant that helps absorb water and boosts early seed development. A good thing. Plant in late fall or early spring.
3000 bulk seeds. SALE!

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