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Thai Chef's Garden - 8 authentic spices

$12.29 $24.00

Thai Chef's Garden, 1200 heirloom seeds, 8 authentic ingredients, Thai Pepper, Lemongrass, Thai Basil, Katsumadai

You love Thai food, but can't find the right spices in Mega Mart? Grow authentic ingredients in your own garden. Here are 8 Thai heirlooms direct from the source.


Thai Red Pepper - 15 seeds

Lemon Grass -20 seeds

Pea Eggplant - 15 seeds

Queen of Siam Basil -150 seeds

Lemon Basil - 250 seeds

Garlic Chives -200 seeds

Pink Thai Egg Tomato - 15 seeds

Culantro Ngo Gai - 200 seeds

A $24 value, bargained priced, ready to grow. For you or the exotic chef in your life.

Over 500 heirloom seeds.



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