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Wild Jungle Peanuts Organic Seeds


You must taste wild peanuts! These were grown in the Amazon and are striped like a tiger. They taste amazing!

These are the ancestors of our modern, machine-made peanut. They are rich in nutrients and protein, free of industrial tampering (the most likely cause of peanut allergies) and they taste rich and buttery.
The peanuts we are familiar with have been hybridized (like boring grocery store tomatoes), then flavored up with sugar and chemicals (read the label!) They've created a whole generation of kids allergic to peanuts. Yuk.

Wild Jungle Peanuts are organically grown heirlooms and they taste like real food. Their rich aroma and smooth, buttery texture will make you want to eat your seeds. Try to save a few for planting. They make great peanut butter, are delicious raw or roasted. A single plant will yield a heap for your family to enjoy.

Peanuts love heat and need a long season to mature. If you live in a cooler climate, start them indoors. A great kid project!
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