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Ornithogalum caudatum - Pregnant Onion Bulbs


Pregnant Onion is an oddity from South Africa. It's an usual lily with a huge bulb that sits on top of the soil. Broad curling leaves stand 2' high and cascade 3' down. This is a great plant for a container and it does beautifully indoors.

Filtered sun or bright shade are perfect. If the light is good, it will send up long floral stalks 3' tall covered with tiny white blooms. They last nearly a month.

Even more conspicuous are the bulblets that form under the papery skin of the mother plant. They pop out and make more plants alongside Mom, or can be moved to a fresh pot to start a new cluster. Each bean-sized baby will turn into another soccer ball sized mom.

Pregnant Onions are succulents. They need porous soil with good drainage, filtered light, water only when the soil is dry. They're fine outdoors in zones 9-11 and a striking houseplant everywhere else.

5 bulbs.

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