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Creeping Thyme - Fragrant Groundcover


This miniature thyme is fragrant, pretty, and charming. It's also incredibly useful. Only 2"-3" tall, you can walk in it (releasing its lemony aroma), tuck it between pavers in a garden path, use it as a tidy border or fill in a flower bed. It grows quickly but isn't pushy, delivers texture, fragrance, and flowers, is great for cooking, and requires almost no care.

A hardy perennial in zones 4-9, Creeping Thyme has a place in almost every garden. It cascades nicely in a rockery, fills in cracks, spills out of planters. In summer, it's covered with tiny pink-purple blooms that attract honeybees and butterflies. It can even be planted as a lawn that never needs mowing.

Creeping Thyme thrives in full sun or light shade, well-draining soil, with occasional water. It blooms in late spring through early summer and is a lush green the rest of the time. Blooms are so profuse that they completely cover the foliage. This is the most charming, versatile, and least demanding ground cover ever.

Surface sow the tiny seeds in a flat, keep them warm and moist, then tear off chunks of seedlings and plant them 6" apart. They'll fill in over time. This much seed will cover about 25 square feet. Four packs will cover about 100 square feet. Sixteen packs will cover 1000 square feet, about a half a pound. If you need to seed an acre, let me know. 

1000 seeds per pack

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