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Garlic Chives - Ornamental Allium


Whether you eat, cook, or garden, you NEED Garlic Chives.

These wondrous  members of the Allium family maintain a low profile in your garden, keeping bugs out of the roses and providing food for your table. Come autumn, they burst into bloom, fat white puffs on slender 12" stems. They look wonderful for awhile (you can bring them indoors in a vase), then set seed and make for more Garlic Chives next year.

Planting garlic is the perfect way to repel garden critters. Bugs smell garlic, not roses or tomatoes. Voila!  No aphids.  Garlic Chives are prettier than garlic, flower like crazy and come back on their own every year.

Garlic Chives are excellent in salads, baked potatoes, anywhere you'd use scallions. The flower heads are a real treat in stir-fries.

Scatter the seeds in between fancy plants and forget about them.  They'll take care of business on their own.

200 seeds.

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