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Aloe Species Collection - 15 mixed seeds


Aloes come in all shapes and sizes, from grassy succulents to enormous trees. There are more than 300 species, most of them native to Africa and Arabia. If you've only seen Aloe vera, you're in for a treat.

Most Aloes have a rosette shape. They're pointed but not spiny. The different forms are amazing. Colors range from blue to lime green, and some are striped or spotted. They're highly decorative and look great in clusters. All send up spectacular crayon-colored flowers in winter - orange, yellow, pink, red, and they last for weeks. It's worth growing a collection just for the winter show. The hummingbirds are always grateful.

Aloes thrive in filtered sun (or a bright window), need sandy soil with good drainage and very little water. They love heat, many can tolerate a brief frost, all are seriously drought-tolerant, and they make excellent houseplants.

15 mixed seeds.

Aloe striata
Aloe buhrii
Aloe greenii
Aloe wickensii
Aloe rudikoppe
Aloe castanea
Aloe gariepensis
Aloe perryi
Aloe saponaria


***** The first thing that is important for Aloe plants is the soil.  I recommend a mix of one part perlite, one part sterile compost, (you can microwave soil for a bit) and two parts sand.  Mix well and water just the soil mix and allow to drain.  Push mix flat to release air pockets, sow seeds on surface, gently press to make sure seeds and soil are making contact. 

Sprinkle light layer of soil mix over seeds.  Place pot/flat is a warm, sunny location, cover pots with plastic wrap to keep heat and moisture inside.  (Remove plastic wrap once you have seedlings.)   Aloe seeds need 8-10 hours of direct warmth/light to germinate, a bottom heat mat set between 70-75 is beneficial as well.

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