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Heuchera sanguinea - Coral Bells


Coral Bells are a western wildflower that has turned into one of our most popular and useful garden perennials. The pinky-red flowers are held high on delicate wands above fat, tidy mounds of scalloped foliage. Terrific in a chorus line at the front of a border, Heuchera looks fat and sassy year-round. The spring blooms are almost a bonus, hundreds of fairyland blossoms waving in the spring breeze. A long swath of Heuchera in bloom is breathtaking.

Heuchera grows in nearly every zone, 3-10, best in well-drained, rich soil, dappled shade, and regular water. They're a great ground cover, with frilly mounds gradually spreading to fill empty spaces. The foliage is so pretty that a whole industry has sprung up developing fancy hybrids.

These seeds are from the native Heuchera sanguinea and are too tiny to count. You'll receive a generous pinch.

250 seeds

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