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Impatiens capensis - Spotted Jewelweed


Jewelweed is as fancy as an orchid, grows wild in the woods and it cures poison ivy!

This charming wildflower is native to moist woodlands throughout the U.S. An easy annual in any zone, it reseeds with a vengeance, flinging its seeds into the air at the slightest touch. If you've grown impatiens, you've seen the performance. It makes children giggle.

Impatiens loves the shade and grows in any rich soil as long as it's moist. It grows two feet tall, forms clusters between ferns and grasses, is lovely in any shade garden. Ruby-throated Hummingbirds are enthralled by Spotted Jewelweed, as are butterflies and bees. Reportedly, game birds love the seed. Don't be surprised if pheasants and grouse start appearing in your garden.

Seeds are rare, but once you have plants, you'll have your own seed supply forever. They require cold stratification during the warm months, or plant them in fall and nature will take care of the rest.


10 seeds.

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