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Blue Jade Corn - Dwarf Heirloom


Baby Blue Jade Corn is a sweet little heirloom that's small enough to be grown in a container. Plants have multiple stalks and grow only 3' high, producing 3-5 ears per plant. The ears are miniature too, about half the size of ordinary sweet corn. And they're blue!

Peel back the husk and you'll find a 4" cob of steel blue kernels. Drop it in water and it turns the color of jade. It's sweet, tender, and plenty tasty.

This is a great variety for small spaces, container gardens and kids! It's excellent eaten fresh (pick it right before you eat it) and makes especially luscious creamed corn which freezes very well. 70-80 days.

Always plant corn in blocks or clusters so it can pollinate itself. Too few plants and you'll get naked cobs. These seeds are super rare. Try to save a handful so you can plant this marvel again next year.

Sow seeds 1/2 inch deep, soil temperatures should be 70 degrees or warmer for best results. 

Keep soil moist, but not soaking wet.

20 seeds.

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