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Edamame Soybean - 'Midori Giant'


Sushi lovers need no introduction to Edamame. These tender, young soybeans are cooked briefly and served in the pod as an appetizer or snack. Squeeze the pod between your fingers and the seeds pop up like toast. Kids love them, and if you eat sushi, you probably love Edamame, too.

Incredibly nutritious (and non-fattening), soybeans are a great addition to any vegetable garden. They're easy to grow, same as any bush bean. Sow seeds in rows an inch deep and a few of inches apart. They'll be ready in 85 days.

All soybeans are not created equal. Most grown in the U.S. are fed to cows. 'Midori Giant' is the premium strain bred in Japan expressly for Edamame. It's tender and sweet, is super productive, and thrives in most climates. This one's for people!

10 fat seeds

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