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Ferocactus gracilis - Red Barrel Cactus


Red Barrel Cactus is a spectacular desert plant with striking curved red spines. Mature specimens can grow to 3' tall, but they stay small enough for a windowsill for quite some time. They're easy to grow from seed.

Native to Baja California, Ferocactus gracilis needs sandy soil, full sun and very little water. Hardy to 22°F, it's happy outdoors in zones 9b to 11, and indoors in a sunny window anywhere else.

Ferocactus gracilis v. coloratus


For Germination:

They need heat, light, and a well draining soil, you can use a cactus mix. Fill a pot with your soil, and water, allow to drain. Place your seeds on the surface of the soil, and sprinkle a light layer of soil over seeds. Use a spray bottle to keep soil moist, but never soaking wet. A spray bottle is ideal also because a hard stream of water can dislodge seeds and bury them too deeply to germinate. Cover your pot with plastic wrap and a rubber band and place in a warm, sunny location. Once you have seedlings, remove plastic wrap.

10 seeds.

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