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Jersey Devil - Heirloom Tomato


Once upon a time, New Jersey was the heart of tomato country. Really.  As concrete took over the state, this local favorite almost disappeared, a loss for tomato lovers everywhere.

Jersey Devil is a paste tomato shaped like a chili pepper. The 5" red fruits are meaty with few seeds and have a wonderful flavor. They're perfect for canning, sauce or salsa, and are also great for sandwiches. Sliced lengthwise, they fit perfectly on a slice a bread.

Plants are extremely prolific producing a heavy crop over a long season, and they sail right through the heat and drought of late summer without complaining.

This once-variety is now rare in cultivation, but its versatility, practicality, and peculiar appearance kept it a favorite among obscure tomato collectors. Seeds are still scarce, but this winner is overdue for a comeback. Indeterminate. 90 days.

15 seeds

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