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Mini Vegetable Collection, 5 dwarf veggies, tiny tomato, baby carrots


These miniature vegetables deliver generous harvests and abundant flavor, but don't take up much space. Naturally compact, they'll thrive in containers and are perfect for patios and windowsills, or tuck them in vacant crannies in your garden.

Mouse Melon - tart crispy cucumbers on wispy vines. Easy .
Tom Thumb Pea - container sized, tasty and prolific
Baby Carrots Mix - six varieties of carrots in a mix
Tom Thumb Butterhead - softball sized lettuce, single serving
Scarlet Scallions - fits anywhere. Welcome in any kitchen

Great collection for late season sowing. Container sized plants for late gardens or a bright window in winter. Neat stocking stuffer for your favorite gardener. Limited supply.

200+ seeds

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