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Pilosocereus Azureus - Blue Torch Cactus


Pilosocereus azureus is a spectacular blue cactus native to the semi-tropical areas of Brazil. Its dramatic color is amazing, even more stunning in the middle of green plants. The blue gets bluer as the cactus ages.

Blue Torch is a tall pillar type cactus with downy fur along the ribs and beautiful golden spines. At night, it blooms white flowers that are pollinated by bats and sphinx moths.

This is an excellent cactus for growing indoors on a windowsill or in your patio. It grows quickly, eventually to 12', but will stay windowsill size for several years. It needs full sun and almost no water. The brighter the sunlight, the bluer it gets.

Hardy in zones 9b-11b

Pilosocereus seeds are fairly easy to germinate.  They need heat, light, and a well draining soil, you can use a cactus mix.  Fill a pot with your soil, and water, allow to drain.  Place your seeds on the surface of the soil, and sprinkle a light layer of soil over seeds.  Use a spray bottle to keep soil moist, but never soaking wet.  A spray bottle is ideal also because a hard stream of water can dislodge seeds and bury them too deeply to germinate.  Cover your pot with plastic wrap and place in a warm, sunny location.  Once you have seedlings, remove plastic wrap.

10 seeds

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