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Rainbow Radish Mix Five Fancy Colors


Radishes are almost too easy to grow. They sprout in a few days and are ready to harvest in 3 weeks. Perfect inspiration for kid gardeners (even if they don't eat them).


This colorful mix of heirlooms that will please everyone:


  • Mild red & white French Breakfast
  • Crisp, mild White Hailstone
  • Pastel pink and purple Easter Egg
  • Spicy White Icicle.


Scatter them most anywhere in your garden, between flowers, in the veggie bed, in a container. They prefer cool weather, thrive in any decent soil with some sunshine. Sow them as soon as the soil can be worked and you'll have radishes in no time.


Radishes are tasty, nutritious, pretty in a salad, and entertaining for kids. Let them do the planting and harvesting. Who knows? They might just eat one.


250 seeds

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