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Red Velvet Okra - Southern Heirloom


You either love okra or hate it. If you're a devotee, Red Okra is extra good because it's goopier and better deep fried. Even if you don't eat it, this is one gorgeous plant.

Okra, or "Gumbo", has its roots in Northeast Africa where it's been grown for thousands of years. Cultivation spread into the Mediterranean and was brought to Brazil in the mid-1600s. This is a true heirloom.

Red Velvet Okra is spectacular, with glossy red pods, crimson stems, and showy yellow flowers. Plants grow 5' tall or taller.

A member of the hibiscus family, Okra is warm weather plant. It grows best in the south, but grows quickly and will mature in short-season climates. Pick the pods when they're 3" long, young and tender.

Plant okra seeds in full sun when the soil is warm. They'll be ready for harvest in 55 days. In the meantime enjoy the yellow flowers.

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