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Reisetomate - Heirloom Tomato


This odd looking tomato is actually a rare Peruvian heirloom. A cluster of smaller fruits stuck together, it was bred for the convenience of locals trekking the Andes. Pull pull them apart and eat one at a time - no need for a knife. 'Reisetomate' means "Traveler's Tomato".

The bright red fruit have a distinctive flavor, tart, intense, never boring. There is nothing boring about Reisetomate. In warm climates, plants keep growing from one year to the next. They're so vigorous it requires a chain saw to cut one down.

The pictures speak for themselves. This may be the world's strangest looking tomato and it's vigorous enough to thrive in the Andes. Grow them for the farmers market and you'll be mobbed. Or just pull one apart, savor each tasty segment, and make yourself happy. Indeterminate 70 days.

10 seeds

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