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Saguaro Cactus, Carnegiea gigantea


This cactus is only found naturally in the Sonoran desert located in Arizona and Western Sonora, Mexico. This is the largest cactus in North America and can be found from 40-60 ft tall, however, don't expect them to reach that size by your next tax season, this quintessential cacti is slow growing.

We really mean slow growing. Over the length of a decade, they may only reach a couple inches. Considered by many to be a flagship plant when you think about cactus, the Saguaro cactus can live to be 200 years old and (when fully hydrated) can weigh up to 4800 pounds.

Humans are the biggest threat to the Saguaro, so much so that Arizona enacted the Native Plant Protection Act. If a person is caught cutting down a saguaro it is actually considered a felony criminal damage charge that can result in 25 years in prison! Enjoy this icon for its beauty and rarity.

Seeds are fairly easy to germinate.  They need heat, light, and a well draining soil, you can use a cactus mix.  Fill a pot with your soil and water, allow to drain.  Place your seeds on the surface of the soil, and sprinkle a light layer of soil over seeds.  Use a spray bottle to keep soil moist, but never soaking wet.  A spray bottle is ideal also because a hard stream of water can dislodge seeds and bury them too deeply to germinate.  Cover your pot with plastic wrap and place in a warm, sunny location.  Once you have seedlings, remove plastic wrap.

10 seeds

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