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Spoon Tomato - Heirloom Tomato


The world's smallest tomato is also one of the tastiest. All the flavor of a beefsteak is crammed into fruit the size of a pea. Twenty will fit in a teaspoon, they are very ornamental, and they taste great.

Spoon Tomato is much like the original wild tomatoes - vigorous, prolific, fierce. Vines will scramble up a trellis and cover your front porch, or you can prune them to a bushy shape.

Either way, they'll produce millions of tiny pea-sized fruits. Very pretty, (so chic as a garnish), perfect for packed lunches, this one's a must for the gourmet chef and a treat for kids who like to forage in the garden. Indeterminate 72 days.

10 seeds

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